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Great recitation of Mantras of Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) proposed by the Venerable Drubpon Tharchin Rinpoche for Peace and Happiness in the World.

Padmasambhava is called the Second Buddha by Buddha Shakyamuni who foretold his coming important. It is a powerful protector, cleaner and propagator of Happiness, therefore, recite the mantra, helps to free himself, but his entourage and also by broadening the scope of its thoughts to all beings in all their . It is important to dedicate our recitations the good of all beings, recite thinking about ourselves, our environment (family, friends), our enemies (who are our commitment to progress on the path) to our country (France and its inhabitants), Europe and Europeans, the World and the global population, the animals outnumber humans, plants that are also feeling the pain as happiness and finally all sentient beings of the universe as a whole. Unless you have reached the state of Buddha, all beings are suffering and no one wants to stay there, which is why, as a father or a mother, we motivate our thoughts for their release.

Reciting the mantra of Padmasambhava, once you have the right motivation, it is important to visualize using photo.Il support is also essential to recognize the mantras recited using a mala (available at center). One can recite mantras at home, in the car ... but ideally aloud. If you can not recite the mantras aloud, they can recite "in the head" but these are not included in the Mandala:


When you recite one mala (108 times), you select a pearl of Mandala attached that you print and keep a safe ... Once you have completed the Mandala, you will send it to Rinpoche or hand deliver it because it will sign your mantras, deliver them directly to Padmasambhava, they will be validated and finally entered in your karma. You will be freed from your suffering and will quickly become Padmasambhava yourself, then you can free others in turn. So take your malas ..

Location of the Recitation : Around the world, each home Mandala print Subscribe to this recitation by email

Start of the recitation : each begins when he wants. End : when 100 millions mantras have been recited.

Send your Mandala to Rinpoche : Drikung Kagyu Rinchen Pal Center : 19 Rue Eridan - 91100 VILLABE - FRANCE.

Centre du bouddhisme Tibétain "Drikung Kagyu Rintchen Pal" : 19 Rue Eridan - 91100 VILLABE – France - Tél.: 01 60 86 26 13– bouddhismetibet@online.fr
Association déclarée sous le n° 20080041 - Affiliée à l'Union Bouddhiste de France et à la Fédération du Bouddhisme Tibétain - Siret : 53919553700011

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